the hardest tea to swallow is reality

floating objects lead to external research: interesting or boring images, sites, videos of related concepts and topics.
progression of site is in chronological order of work creation.
made with css, html and jquery.  

first week

on choosing a word to create a body of work around, listed below are some
interesting words that piqued my interest for the work created. At the end,
I’ve chosen to use the word Factitious.


a semi-mythical remedy with as many as 65 ingredients,
used as an antidote for poisoning, and said to be created
by Mithradates VI Eupator of Pontus in the 1st century BC.


a musical composition that combines several different
melodies-usually popular tunes-in counterpoint,
and often in a light-hearted, humorous manner.


four sheets of paper or parchment folded
to form eight leaves,as in medieval manuscripts.


a confused jumble or medley of things.


a new term created from an existing word in order
to distinguish it from the meaning that has emerged
through progress or technological development


become liquid, typically during decomposition.


a Latin term meaning "from the beginning"
and is derived from the Latin ab ("from") + initio,
ablative singular of initium ("beginning").


artificially created or developed.

intial brainstorming for 2d, 3d, and possible 4d iterations of this body of work. 

researching artifical concepts such as colors that exist on the web only (#0000ff).

a color that no longer exists on this wikipedia page of compact web colors ...

    site for factitious 2d outcome —using artifical means to generate posters later screenprinted and made into a book.

the book as a whole looks like a solid block of blue but legiable when viewing each individual page.

quick notes on possible 3d iterations —objects that aren’t what they seem.
such as light objects (a coffee cup for example) that weigh 40 tonnes or 
vice versa, while at first glance they look unassuming.

  using another source to get more related words.


Acting,Art,Artfulness, Artifice,Bluff,
Cant,Complicity,Deceit, Disguisement,Dishonesty,
Mask,Mendacity,Misrepresentation,Perversion of Truth,
Pretender,Punic Faith,Sham,Shifty,Subterfuge,
Sugestio Falsi,Suppressio Veri,Tartuffe,Untruth,Untruthfulness

quick prototype of possible 3d outcome, using a honey sceptor made previously. Plaster casting of the object to see it made in another material.
Plaster mode is made from alginate.

end result looked too flaky (didn’t let the plaster set long enough, and too fragile. 

another quick mindmap of related words and their relations to other related words. 

working with the idea of false objects, i photographed a brick (borrowed from campus) to reimage it.

It probably would have been easier to cast it in silicon but as my last casting experiment went mediocrely, I decided to use a medium that I was more familiar with. 

researching ideas of false audio, particially foley sounds. here, Hot Sugar demonstrates that by creating
the sound of a snare drum with a lighter.

According to Complex, Hot Sugar’s music is called “associative music, where he pulls in a ton of sounds from instruments,
found sounds, and non-traditional places to sample them into his own melodies. 

using metaflop to generate an artifical typeface that has been used in this project. early on, I wanted to fully generate every aspect of
this project through computer or accidental means (like using nature). 

going back to foley sound research and maybe deciding to do an audio piece for the 4d outcome.

finish result of bricks from earlier on —used a CMYK color split to hand screenprint onto muslin cloth. Below shows gifs incorporating both soft bricks and real bricks. 
Although results were not as similar as I’ve hoped (soft bricks could have been stiffer, instead of using stuffing perhaps a foam block inside would have given it a more realistic look)
the shoot was funny to me. 

researching psychology related work to the concept of falseness. 

another attempt of casting, this time in resin insted of plaster to create 3d candy like objects that look 
more similar to the actual things. also used silicon molds this time. wax paper as the wrapper helped
achieved a sense of realness, although the smell was overwhemingly ... resin. 

researching illusions that alter perception such as the penrose triangle and other impossible shapes. 

image of 3d resin candy in a birch wood container with frosted acrylic sliding lid (made for another project but also used here).

small print on the concept of opitcal illusions, referencing back to the impossible
object. using the impossible trident as a base, the print in day light looks like a repeating
pattern. but in the dark the text “made u look” becomes more visable. this is screenprinted
with glow in the dark ink and the same blue repeated throughout this body of work.